PhD Checklist

-- (AOS Program and Graduate School) --

a)      The first step is to pick a date and get it approved by all persons who are to attend the defense. Include the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS). 

b)     Check date with Anna V. for any conflicts with the department calendar.

c)      Give yourself at least 1½ months or sooner to complete the process from start to finish. Especially keep that in mind, if you are pressed to receive your degree by a specific date.

 Degree Deadline for 2020-2021:               Degree to be Awarded on:

         Tuesday, May 10, 2021                              Tuesday, May 25, 2021
         Tuesday, August 31, 2021                         Saturday, September 25, 2021
         Friday, October 29, 2021                          Saturday, November 20, 2021
         Thursday, December 30, 2021                Saturday, January 22, 2022
         Thursday, March 31, 2022                        Saturday, April 9, 2022
         Monday, May 9, 2022                                Tuesday, May 24, 2022

d)     The following process must be done to meet the specific degree deadline date you choose:

  • You must have successfully defended your dissertation;
  • All paper work must be completed and signed;
  • After completing Mudd Library’s process (see #3 below), the signed paper work must be submitted to the Graduate School by the designated deadline date you choose, in order for your Ph.D. to be approved and awarded on the Degree date you selected.

Dissertation requirements are on the Mudd Library home page.


1.      Two bound and/or final copy of your DISSERTATION is due in your department at least two full weeks before your defense date. The department copy does not have to be professionally bound (Submit copies to Anna V.)

2.      A completed ADVANCED DEGREE APPLICATION must be submitted electronically to Graduate School, 14 days prior to the proposed Ph.D. defense date. (NOTE: when counting the 14 days, do not include Sundays or Holidays.) This online ADVANCED DEGREE APPLICATION can be accessed via SCORE and should contain:

  • TITLE PAGE OF THE DISSERTATION (The correct degree award date, as on the Degree Application Form, Trustees’ Meeting date, month and year only, must appear at the bottom of the title page.) Anna V.   uploads
  • DISSERTATION ABSTRACT(Should not exceed 350 words ) Anna V. uploads
  • Optional -  Ph.D. DISSERTATION EMBARGO REQUEST AND APPROVAL FORM (Required only if the student is requesting an embargo on the dissertation. Request must be submitted electronically as part of the FPO application. (Candidate completes the form and after approval, submits original to Anna V. to upload.)
  • READER REPORTS (Given to the Committee of Examiners – At least two Reader Reports, at least one of which must be a faculty member in candidate’s home department. Additional readers may be assigned by department. (Outside reader: someone outside the candidate’s department or outside Princeton University. Include a CV for outside Princeton University readers – Anna V. uploads CV.)

                  NOTE: Readers should submit their reports in PDF form to
                   within the 14 day deadline. (Anna V. uploads the reader’s reports.)

  • PRIOR PRESENTATION AND PUBLICATION FORM (Signed by Candidate’s Advisor) Candidate completes form, gets signed by advisor, then gives to Anna V. to upload

    NOTE: There must be at least three principal examiners, all of them normally members of the Princeton Faculty at the rank of assistant professor or higher, at least two of whom have not been principal readers of the dissertation.

3.     Authorization memo approving Final Public Oral (FPO) Examination (Will be sent electronically to department after Graduate School deans have approved FPO. Must be posted in department at least three full working days, including Saturdays, prior to the defense.) (Anna V. posts notice.)

4.     Submission of dissertation to Mudd Manuscript Library, to be completed normally by the end of the day of the student’s successful completion of the Final Public Oral Exam (If the advisor and examining committee recommend that minor, non- substantive changes be made in the text, the student must submit the corrected final copies within two weeks of successfully completing the FPO):

Full details of the Mudd Manuscript Library’s requirements.

  •  Complete online submission of dissertation to ProQuest.   Candidates will upload a PDF of dissertation, chose a publishing option, register copyright (optional) and pay relevant fees*.
  • Bring to Mudd Manuscript Library
  •  Print-out of email confirming successful submission to ProQuest 1 bound copy of dissertation
  • 1 dissertation maintenance fee of $15, payable by check made out to “Princeton University Library” or exact cash
  •  FPO form signed by Chair of FPO or Committee or DGS. (Anna V. will give to candidate after defense.)
  •  If you have requested an embargo, you must provide written documentation of approval from the Graduate School (email confirmation from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs).
  •  *ProQuest fees (paid online): Traditional publishing is free; Open Access publishing is $95. Copyright registration (optional) is $55 . Note: the dissertation maintenance fee of $15 must be paid separately to the Mudd Library by Visa or MasterCard is strongly preferred.  If necessary, personal or bank checks made out to "Princeton University Library" will be accepted.

 5.      The four documents below must be submitted in hard copy to the Graduate School, Academic 
          Affairs, 111 Clio Hall, normally immediately after the successful completion of final 
          public oral exam
, but in no case later than two weeks after the successful defense:

All documents must be received by the degree deadline.

Students may wish to consult Benefits and Status after the FPO for information about benefits you may receive between FPO and degree conferral.