An Artistic Tribute to a Climate Science Legacy: Suki Manabe
Dec. 8, 2015

Forty-two panels throughout Paris's Gare du Nord station honor AOS Senior Meteorologist Suki Manabe and his contributions to climate science. The equations chosen by British artist Liam Gillick come from the single-most cited 

Warm Nights Could Flood the Atmosphere with Carbon under Climate Change
Dec. 7, 2015

study led by Princeton University researchers suggests that hotter nights may wield more influence than previously thought over the planet's atmosphere as global temperatures rise — and could eventually lead to more carbon flooding the atmosphere. …

SOCCOM Google Hangout: Climate Change and the Southern Ocean
Dec. 3, 2015

Dec 3, 2015  ·  11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.  

This year wraps up with big climate and weather news – on international efforts in Paris to reach a global agreement on limiting emissions, about the strong El Nino in play in the Pacific Ocean, and with the acknowledgment that this year will be the hottest ever recorded. Join…

Open Labs -- New Science Outreach Program at Princeton
Dec. 1, 2015

Open Labs is a series of TED-like talks aimed  at local high-school students interested in the sciences. Founded four years ago at Yale, this program has been highly  successful and is now expanding to Princeton. The presenters consist  of graduate and professional students devoted to encouraging promising  young scholars to pursue careers in…

To Save the Earth, Better Nitrogen Use on a Hungrier Planet Must be Addressed
Nov. 23, 2015

A new paper, co-led by CICS Researcher Xin Zhang, a postdoctoral research associate in PEI, is among the first to globally analyze “nitrogen use efficiency” – a measure of the amount of nitrogen a plant takes in to grow versus what is left behind as pollution. Looking at fertilizer and crop harvest data in regions like the…

New Study Provides Global Analysis of the Effect of Local Climate on the Hatchling Output of Leatherback Turtles
Nov. 17, 2015

The most recent climate change projections show a global increase in temperatures along with precipitation changes throughout the 21st century. However, regional projections do not alwaysmatch global projections and species with global distributions may exhibit varying regional susceptibility to climate change. A 

Study Investigates the Dynamics of Marine Populations at a Global Scale
Nov. 15, 2015

Modeling the dynamics of marine populations at a global scale - from phytoplankton to fish - is necessary if scientists are to quantify how climate change and other broad-scale anthropogenic actions affect the supply of marine-based food.  A recent study led by James Watson, while a postdoc in the AOS Program, investigates the…

Climate, Drought, and National Security (video footage featuring Suki Manabe)
Nov. 11, 2015

With historic 1988 BBC television footage featuring AOS Senior Scientist Syukuru “Suki” Manabe and recent news clips and interviews with MIT scientist Kerry Emanuel, Ohio State University scientist Lonnie Thompson, CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour, and New York Times columnist and book author Tom Friedman, a six-minute video plumbs the depths…

Winter 2016 Poster Expo at GFDL
Nov. 8, 2015

GFDL is hosting a Poster Expo on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 from 1pm-4pm.  The Winter Expo is an opportunity for GFDL/AOS/CICS scientists to share their research with colleagues.  Posters are limited to 30; existing posters are acceptable. 

Scientists' Study Links Climate Change and Extreme Weather
Nov. 5, 2015

(AOS Associate Research Scholar Hiroyuki Murakami Quoted)

collection of studies examined extreme weather events last year, to…