News - 2016

Thursday, Jul 21, 2016

"The Logical Basis" - A yearlong installation in Paris, France honoring the pioneering work of AOS Senior Meteorologist Syukuro (Suki) Manabe is featured in The writing on the wall: Unraveling chalkboard mysteries.

Tuesday, Jul 19, 2016

An Eos Research Spotlight, published July 19, highlights a recent a paper by Professor Emeritus George Mellor on theories dealing with the interaction of surface waves and circulation. The paper was published in the Journal of Geophysical...

Saturday, Jul 16, 2016

AOS Postdoctoral Research Associate Minjin Lee is the lead author of a recent study that demonstrates that increases in climate variability  —  high precipitation occurring after multiyear dry spells — is likely to lead to severe water-quality problems.  The...

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2016

AOS Postdoctoral Research Associate Angel Muñoz was interviewed recently about the Zika virus and climate.  The story was published July 6 on ClimateWire.

Wednesday, Jun 29, 2016

True presence-absence data on Adélie penguin breeding colonies was used in a new study, coauthored by AOS Visiting Research Collaborator Vince Saba, to estimate past and future changes in habitat suitability during the chick-rearing period based on historic satellite observations and future climate model projections. During...

Monday, Jun 27, 2016

A new paper led by AOS Postdoctoral Research Associate Jongyeon Park emphasizes the role of the Mediterranean Sea as the most critical pathway of the greenhouse gas impact on West African monsoon rainfall in recent and future warming periods.

Monday, Jun 27, 2016

New research by AOS Associated Faculty Member Denise Mauzerall, a professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Public and International Affairs, WWS, and colleagues indicates China could improve air quality by reducing residential emissions.

Monday, Jun 27, 2016

AOS Faculty Member Isaac Held has been chosen to present the Bjerknes Lecture, under AGU's annual Bowie Lecture Series, at the Fall AGU Meeting. He will be among those recognized at the 2016 AGU Honors Tribute to be held on December 14, 2016 in San Francisco.

Friday, Jun 24, 2016

A Comment on "The Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation without a role for ocean circulation" was published June 24 in Science. AOS Faculty Member Rong Zhang is the lead author of the Comment, which disputes the claims of Clement et al. (Reports, 16 October 2015,...

Wednesday, Jun 22, 2016

Sea turtles are vulnerable to climate change impacts in both their terrestrial (nesting beach) and oceanic habitats.