News - 2014

Thursday, Jun 26, 2014

To create computer models that look like the Earth's actual atmosphere, AOS Associate Research Scholar Martin Jucker developed a freely available software package for ParaView — an open-source software package that is one of the most popular programs for visualizing scientific data — that calculates the true spatial dimensions...

Wednesday, Jun 25, 2014

Black carbon (BC) is an air pollutant that affects climate change, air quality, and human health.   A recent study, led by AOS Graduate Student Zhaoyi Shen, evaluates the transpacific transport of BC during HIPPO-3.

Tuesday, Jun 24, 2014

Reorganization of crop production and trade could save China’s water supply, according to a new report coauthored by Denise Mauzerall, an associated faculty member in the AOS Program.  See feature story...

Friday, Jun 20, 2014

AOS Graduate Student Junyi Chai is the lead author of a recent study that provides a new estimate for eddy scale.

Monday, Jun 2, 2014

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Process (IPCC) provides vital, regular assessments of scientific literature. Yet greater transparency is needed, AOS Associated Faculty Member Michael Oppenheimer told the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology in Washington, D.C.

Monday, Jun 2, 2014

AOS Graduate Student Joe Majkut is the lead author of a new study that reviews current estimates of the CO2 uptake in the Southern Ocean and projections of its response to climate change.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A new study led by AOS Graduate Student Spencer Hill uses a GFDL climate model to investigate how temperature changes caused by human-emitted greenhouse gases and aerosols affect how the atmosphere transports energy from the hot tropics to the cold poles.  In so doing, he and his GFDL coauthors, AOS Faculty Members Yi Ming and...

Thursday, Apr 10, 2014

Check out a feature story about NASA's GEOS-5model (and other, high-res chemistry-climate models) that are helping scientists understand stratospheric ozone intrusion events.  AOS Associate Research Scholar Meiyun Lin contributed to the ...

Wednesday, Apr 9, 2014

Former AOS Graduate Student Tracey Holloway was featured in Nature last month discussing her plans to turn a network for female researchers into a non-profit organization.

Thursday, Apr 3, 2014

Women from across Princeton University's science and engineering departments -- including the AOS Program -- gathered to discuss and find solutions to the challenges that female scientists face during the March 29 Women in STEM symposium. The event included a keynote address by Emily Carter,...