News - 2016

Tuesday, Oct 11, 2016

In nature, the many processes that make up the Earth system take place simultaneously, for instance the condensation of water vapor into clouds, and the blocking of sunlight by those clouds. In computer simulations, these often take place in sequence.

Friday, Sep 23, 2016

Congratulations to Jaya Khanna who successfully defended her Ph.D. Thesis, "Regional Hydro-Climatic Impacts of Contemporary Amazonian Deforestation," on September 23, 2016.

Friday, Sep 23, 2016

Princeton University researchers have compiled 30 years of data to construct the first ice core-based record of atmospheric oxygen concentrations spanning the past 800,000 years, according to a paper published recently in the journal Science.

Wednesday, Sep 7, 2016

Human-caused climate warming increased the chances of the torrential rains that unleashed devastating floods in south Louisiana in mid August by at least 40 percent, according to a team of GFDL/Princeton University and partner scientists with World Weather Attribution (WWA) who conducted a rapid assessment of the role of climate on the historic...

Monday, Sep 5, 2016

Soil moisture supply and atmospheric demand both affect vegetation water use and productivity.

Monday, Sep 5, 2016

A newly-released report, Explaining ocean warming: Causes, scale, effects and consequences, reviews the effects of ocean warming on species, ecosystems and on the benefits oceans provide to humans.

Friday, Sep 2, 2016

AOS Faculty Member Gabe Vecchi and Hiroyuki Murakami, an AOS associate research scholar, discuss recent hurricane activity.  The story was published September 2 in The New York Times.

Wednesday, Aug 31, 2016

The authors of a new study, led by former AOS Postdoctoral Research Fellow Thomas Frölicher (ETH Zurich), provide a first holistic assessment of the magnitude of changes and the sources of uncertainty in 21st century projections of potential ocean...

Saturday, Aug 27, 2016

A recent paper led by Levi Silvers, an AOS associate research scholar, shows that a GCM in Radiative Convective Equilibrium is sufficiently similar across a range of domain sizes to justify the use of RCE to study both a GCM and a high resolution model on the same domain with the goal of improved constraints on the...

Monday, Aug 22, 2016

A recent study led by AOS Postdoctoral Research Associate Karin van der Wiel and published in the Journal of Climate employed three newly developed global coupled climate models to study the impact of horizontal atmospheric model resolution (tile...