Understand the Past to Understand the Future: Climate Science at Princeton

Friday, Aug 28, 2020

For more than 50 years, Princeton researchers have pushed back the boundaries of climate knowledge across a wide range of lynchpin issues. Princeton climate modelers, for example, developed the world’s first coupled ocean-atmosphere model, using physical laws and present Earth conditions to develop mathematical algorithms that can predict how Earth’s climate will respond to different conditions in the future — and to understand what drove climate changes in the past. Funneling data into the models are Princeton oceanographers and field geologists who have fanned out across the globe to understand what oceans and ecosystems are doing today.

(Mentions & Features: CIMES Director Gabriel Vecchi, an AOS faculty Member, George Philander, the Knox Taylor Professor of Geosciences, Emeritus, AOS Senior Meteorologist Suki Manabe, former AOS Senior Meteorologist Kirk Bryan, SOCCOM Director Jorge Sarmiento, the George J. Magee Professor of Geoscience and Geological Engineering, Emeritus)

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