Recent Study Investigates the Role of Aerosol Absorption in Driving Clear-Sky Solar Dimming over East Asia

Wednesday, Sep 10, 2014

The amount of solar radiation reaching the surface is a major driver of the surface energy balance and influences regional circulation and precipitation. Over East Asia, observations show a significant reduction in clear-sky surface solar radiation since the 1960s, colloquially referred to as “dimming,” primarily caused by large regional increases in anthropogenic aerosol emissions. A recent paper, led by AOS Graduate Student Geeta Persad, constitutes a novel mechanistic investigation of the drivers of East Asian clear-sky dimming that sheds light both on the nature of the observed dimming trends and on the behavior of the aerosol formulations in GFDL’s models. Yi Ming, an AOS lecturer, and GFDL Director V. Ramaswamy are coauthors of the study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres.