Projected Changes in South Asian Monsoon Low-pressure Systems

Monday, Jul 27, 2020

A new study led by Wenchao Dong (GFDL/UCAR) and co-authored by AOS Faculty Members Yi Ming and V. Ramaswamy examines monsoon low-pressure systems (MLPSs), which are the primary rain-producing synoptic-scale systems over the Indian subcontinent, and are estimated to be responsible for more than half of the annual precipitation in agrarian North and Central India. Changes in the characteristics of MLPSs, whether natural or forced, have far-reaching socio-economic impacts. Understanding future changes in MLPSs and associated rainfall is a necessary step toward projecting flood or drought risks in a warmer climate.

GFDL Research Highlight

Wenhao Dong, Yi Ming, V. Ramaswamy. Journal of Climate. DOI: 10.1175/JCLI-D-20-0168.1