Long-Term Mean Northern Atlantic Overturning Circulation Substantially Influenced by Horizontal Circulation across Sloping Density Surfaces

Tuesday, Jun 8, 2021

In a new study, led by AOS Faculty Member Rong Zhang with GFDL-affiliated UCAR Scientist Matthew Thomas, robust diagnostic calculations (RDC) are conducted using a high-resolution global coupled climate model in conjunction with the observed hydrographic climatology to provide a holistic picture of the long-term mean AMOC structure at northern high latitudes over the past several decades.  The RDC results suggest that the Arctic Mediterranean and the northeastern subpolar North Atlantic are key regions for the long-term mean AMOC.  This long-term mean AMOC structure at northern high latitudes will be valuable in guiding modeling/observational efforts for predicting/detecting future AMOC changes. The paper was published in Nature Communications Earth & Environment.

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