Impacts of Extratropical Weather Perturbations on Tropical Cyclone Activity: Idealized Sensitivity Experiments with a Regional Atmospheric Model

Wednesday, Jan 8, 2020

Recent observational studies suggested that Atlantic hurricane activity is strongly affected by weather processes outside of the tropics, but modeling studies reported divergent findings regarding the importance of such an impact. Using a regional atmospheric model with imposed boundary conditions, a new study, led by AOS Posdoc Gan Zhang,  suggests that the extratropical impact on the variability and future changes of Atlantic hurricane activity can be profound. Notably, an artificial suppression of extratropical weather perturbations can quadruple storm number at 30–40°N and significantly slow hurricane motion.  The study was published recently in Geophysical Research Letters and was co-authored by GFDL Research Meteorologist Tom Knutson and AOS Faculty Member Steve Garner.

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