How Global Warming is Drying up the North American Monsoon

Oct. 11, 2017

Researchers have struggled to accurately model the changes to the abundant summer rains that sweep across the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico, known to scientists as the “North American monsoon.”  In a study published Oct. 9 in the journal Nature Climate Change, a team of Princeton and National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration (NOAA) researchers, led by AOS Associate Research Scholar Salvatore Pascale, have applied a key factor in improving climate models – correcting for sea surface temperatures – to the monsoon.   AOS Faculty Member Tom Delworth, GFDL Physical Scientist Sarah Kapnick '04, a former AOS  postdoc, AOS Associate Resesarch Scholar Hiroyuki Murakami, and AOS Faculty Member Gabe Vecchi are among the paper's coauthors.

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