GFDL SHiELD: A Unified System for Weather-to-Seasonal Prediction

Thursday, Oct 8, 2020

A new paper led by former AOS Postdoc Lucas Harris (GFDL) on the development of a unified “one code, one executable, one workflow” global prediction modeling system, called SHiELD, has been published in the Journal of Advances in Modeling the Earth System. SHiELD’s multiple configurations show prediction skill and simulation fidelity matching or exceeding those of existing weather forecast models. Many current and former AOS and CIMES researchers are among the paper's co-authors, along with GFDL scientists.

Authors: Lucas Harris, Linjiong Zhou, Shian-Jiann Lin, Jan-Huey Chen, Xi Chen, Kun Gao, Matthew Morin, Shannon Rees, Yongqiang Sun, Mingjing Tong, Baoqiang Xiang, Morris Bender, Rusty Benson, Kai-Yuan Cheng, Spencer Clark, Oliver Elbert, Andrew Hazelton, J. Jacob Huff, Alex Kaltenbaugh, Zhi Liang, Timothy Marchok, Hyeyum Hailey Shin and William Stern

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