Estuarine Forecasts at Daily Weather to Subseasonal Time Scales

Friday, Oct 23, 2020

Estuary and coastal ocean forecasts based on predictions of temperature, salinity, currents, and storm surge have been shown to be able to protect lives and property from storm surge, assist search and rescue operations, and protect public health. These forecasts enable predictions of harmful algal blooms and the dispersion of oil spills. Many estuaries are also home to ecologically and economically important ecosystems and fisheries, and forecasts may also be useful for improving the management of fisheries and locating ideal fishing spots. New research, led by AOS Associate Research Scholar Andrew Ross, a CIMES researcher, demonstrates that temperature and salinity can be skillfully forecast at both the bottom and surface levels of an estuary up to two weeks in advance. The study was published in Earth and Space Science.  CIMES Director Gabriel Vecchi, an AOS faculty member, is among the paper's co-authors.

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