Changing the Culture of Coastal, Ocean, and Marine Sciences: Strategies for Individual and Collective Actions

Wednesday, Jul 28, 2021

A new paper, co-authored by AOS Faculty Member Sonya Legg, associate director of CIMES, is now available as an early online release. The paper addresses the structural and systemic barriers that prevent people of historically excluded groups from fully participating in, contributing to, and accruing the benefits of geosciences.

Inspired by a session organized at the 2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting, the goal of this paper is to provide a consolidated summary of a few innovative, broadening participation initiatives that are being led by various stakeholders in academia and research sectors (e.g., students, faculty, administrative leaders) at different institutional levels (e.g., universities, professional societies). The authors hope that the strategies outlined in this paper will inspire the coastal, ocean, and marine science community to take individual and collective actions that lead to a positive culture change. The paper was published online recently in Oceanography.