AOS Faculty & Alumni Among 2019 AMS Award Winners

Friday, Jul 27, 2018

AMS recently announced the 2019 Awards and Honors Recipients.  Congratulations to the following AOS Faculty Members and Alumni who are among the winners:

The Hydrologic Sciences Medal
AOS Associated Faculty Member James Smith (CEE)
For exceptional contributions to understanding physical and statistical aspects of flood hydrology, urban hydrometeorology, and hydcroclimatology

The Julie G. Charney Medal
Former AOS Graduate Student J. David Neelin (UCLA) 
For fundamental contributions to understanding tropical climate dynamics and the impact of anthropogenic forcing on precipitation, drying, circulation, and extremes

The Nicholas P. Fofonoff Award -- Early Career
Former AOS Postdoctoral Research Associate Malte Jansen (University of  Chicago)
For deep theoretical insight into geophysical turbulence and its implications for ocean circulation, climate, and paleoclimate

Named as Fellows:

AOS Faculty Member Leo Donner (GFDL)

AOS Faculty Member Rong Zhang (GFDL)

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