GFDL Formal Seminar

Thu, Oct 11, 2018, 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Formal Seminar - Majorie Fredrichs (Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences)
The coastal boundary between land and ocean represents a small portion of the surface area of the earth, yet plays a major role in global carbon and nutrient cycling. The most productive marine ecosystems are located in coastal waters, which are, not coincidentally, adjacent to regions of highest human population density. As a result, these regions are particularly susceptible to anthropogenic impacts, such as those resulting from land cover and land use change. At the same time, changes in climate are posing significant stress on these regions, as witnessed by increasing temperatures, atmospheric CO 2 and sea levels. Until recently, however, biogeochemical fluxes across the land-ocean boundary have been largely overlooked in terms of study on continental and global scales, primarily because of the challenges associated with addressing the extreme heterogeneity between adjacent systems, and the difficulties associated with developing global scale models capable of resolving the strong variability of processes occurring on relatively small time and space scales along the land-ocean interface. Over the past decade, however, there has been considerable interdisciplinary research focused on studying the connections between these terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and the fluxes of carbon and nutrients from upstream landscapes to the coastal ocean. In this talk I will review our recent efforts to quantify the flux of inorganic/organic nitrogen and carbon from the Chesapeake Bay watershed to the coastal ocean through the use of a linked land-estuarine-ocean biogeochemical modeling system. Ultimately our goal is to better understand how these fluxes and transport pathways are being impacted by local anthropogenic changes and global climate change.Primary

Host: John Dunne Secondary Host: Charlie Stock

Smagorinsky Seminar Room 209

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