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including data assimilation, and soon tracer, tides & wave effects all in one simple package!

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New Parallel mpiPOM Code:
To learn the new parallel mpiPOM codes
(based on Toni Jordi's sbPOM), download here the Idealized Experiments & lecture notes that were used in ocean modeling training lectures,
    by Leo Oey & Toni Jordi after the IWMO-2011 workshop in QIngdao, China, Jun/10/2011
    The corresponding FORTRAN-77 version pom08 experiments can be downloaded from here.
Download latest Parallel POM Code - sbPOM - developed by
Toni Jordi

George Mellor's POM-Wave Codes & Publications

NearshorePOM (POM+Wave in Surf Zone)
Download here John Allen's POM code that includes waves in surfzone
Newberger, P. A., and J. S. Allen (2007), Forcing a three-dimensional, hydrostatic, primitive-equation model for application in the surf zone: 1. Formulation, J. Geophys. Res., 112, C08018, doi:10.1029/2006JC003472.
Newberger, P. A.
, and J. S. Allen
(2007), Forcing a three-dimensional, hydrostatic, primitive-equation model for application in the surf zone: 2. Application to DUCK94, J. Geophys. Res., 112, C08019, doi:10.1029/2006JC003474.

Tides, Rivers, Open Boundary Conditions etc:
To learn how to specify tides (1 or more components), rivers, open BC etc - download the code
Surface Forcing: Oey, L.-Y., 1986: The formation and maintenance of density fronts on U.S. southeastern continental shelf during winter. J. Phys. Oceanogr. 16, 1121–1135.
Rivers: Oey, L-Y., 1996: Simulation of mesoscale variability in the Gulf of Mexico: Sensitivity studies, comparison with observations, and trapped wave propagation.
Journal of Physical Oceanography, 26(2), 145-175.
Tides+OpenBC: Cummins, P. F., and L-Y. Oey, 1997: Simulation of barotropic and baroclinic tides off northern British Columbia. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 27(5), 762-781.

New 4th-order Pressure Gradient Scheme
Download from this directory the seamount code with the new 4th and 6th-order pressure-gradient schemes that Jarle and I developed and tested;
Berntsen & Oey, 2010, Ocean Dynamics, 60(2), doi:10.1007/s10236-009-0245-y
    Here is the corresponding sbPOM/mpiPOM version .

  • Download Air(WRF)-Wave(SWAN)-Sea(POM) Coupled codes from NC-State Univ.
  • Download latest POM codes with (and without) Wet&Dry
  • POM (Assimilated POM): 4DVAR, current-wave, ice, MPI, nonhydrostatic, sediment

  • POM08 Codes with Wetting&Drying:

    pom08.f             ---  This version eliminates bugs found in earlier versions; it is pom2k.f + WAD
                                     tested for WAD as well as non-WAD runs [see "readme"] --- lyo (Apr/18/2008)

    pom08.c             ---  common block file
    pom08.n             ---  NetCDF subroutines
    runpom08*        ---  runscript (example)
    readme            ---  50day netcdf output (~675Mb; right-click to save)
    pom08.out           ---  50day ASCII output (~320Mb; right-click to save)

    pom2k.f             ---  This is a corrected version of the original pom2k (without WAD); this version eliminates bugs
                                     found by G.Mellor in subr.profq [see "readme" above]

    The following earlier versions are for reference only - DO NOT USE
    pom08.f_nov012007      ---  Nov/01/2007 version
    pom08.f_oct172007       ---  Oct/17/2007 version

    The following pom98* version is not supported.

    pom98_wad.f     ---  Minor changes from pom98_wad.f_jul252007 below, mostly on "comments," but:
                                     BOTH nwad & nsmolar must NOW = 0 to recover original POM w/o WAD (Jul/30/2007) -
                                      (search for "!nsmolar")

    comblk98_wad.h     ---  common block file (Jul/22/2007)

    Smolarkiewicz scheme, i.e. nsmolar=1, has now been tested; see WAD Run Experiences and download codes.
    [BUT see above latest readme]

    Notes    (pdf version)

    Earlier Versions:

    pom98_wad.f_jul252007     ---  pom98 version, seamount implementations (Jul/25/2007)
    pom98_wad.f_jul232007     ---  Jul/23/2007 version, seamount implementations not quite complete.
                                                       If you downloaded the code on Jul/23 or earlier, you should get the latest one above.
                                                       Changes are mainly in subroutines seamount and bcond.

    WAD Processes & References:

    Inundation or Wet and Dry (WAD) Processes

    [Oey, 2005; Oey, 2006; Oey, Ezer, Hu & Muller-Kager, 2007]

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